Grand Theft Auto 2

When Grand Theft Auto was still 2D

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From the beginning, no matter whether you are a fan of the series of just beginning to enjoy the games, Grand Theft Auto 2 starts out on a strong note. The concept for the game is simple. You start out as a hired gun, joining up with a number of the city's crime families in order to carry out their orders to progress the game. The missions vary in difficulty, providing players with plenty of activities to enjoy as they proceed through the game.

The missions themselves also vary in terms of plot and outlandishness, ranging from the character having to take down Elvis impersonators to an entire SWAT team. The tremendous amount of violence in the game itself is one of the biggest draws, and fans have lauded the variety of activities that are available for all players to enjoy as they progress through the game itself. Individuals can steal cars, attack a number of other inhabitants in a number of ways, and evade the police as they continue their high-octane spree of crime.

With the noteworthy humor of the game being lovingly tongue-in-cheek, it comes as no surprise that this game has become a cult classic for players to enjoy. Like many older games the visuals may leave something to be desired, as the game was created with relatively limited hardware in mind. The world itself, however, is beautifully dark and rich, appearing like something out of an older cop movie. There are countless lighting effects that create beautiful and life-like illumination in the game's world, and fans have also fallen in love with the game's soundtrack, which only ramps up the immersion and overall enjoyability of the gameplay.

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